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*** delightful knitting of lace patterns ***
All patterns are designed with feeling, devotion and enthusiasm by Birgit Freyer (Germany).
She enjoys playing with different shapes, materials, knitting and sometimes crochet techniques.
We provide patterns in five languages (English, Deutsch, Francais, Espanol, Italiano).
At the end of each pattern description, you have the possibility to choose your language from a drop-down menu.

*** Notice on our Christmas Calendar ***
From 1st december to 26th december
we have every day a little surprise for you.
It will be hidden under the numbered star here.
Just take a look by every day.

*** Wrist Warmers ***
*** Cardigans ***
*** Sweaters ***
*** Scarves***
*** Shawls ***
*** Ponchos ***
*** Stoles ***
*** Shrugs ***
*** Shawls & stoles of the subscription ***
now avaiable for individual selling
*** Accessories ***
*** Socks***
*** Some pattern samples of the subscription ***
*** Monthly subscription for shawls & stoles ***


The subscription contains exclusive designs in different shapes: shawls, moebius neckwarmers, scarves, stoles.
The subscription is valid for 1 year and includes 12 patterns which are distributed at the beginning of each month.
The patterns are offered exclusively to the subscribers for at least 2 years before they can be bought separately.
After 1 year, the subscription is NOT renewed automatically – YOU decide if you want to enjoy another year of lacy goodness.
*** E-Book: TuecherRausch ***

The e-book has been published in two different versions.
Without workshops:
This version contains 12 beautiful patterns of shawls and stoles in different shapes, sizes, constructions and levels of difficulty.
With workshops:
In addition to every pattern, there are detailed descriptions of special techniques and the shaping of each project. The workshops are a great help for beginners and a treasury of helpful hints for the advanced knitter.
*** E-Book - 3 of 12 patterns ***

*** ***
In the database of you will find project pages for many patterns designed by Birgit Freyer. There, you can view photos of works in progress or finished projects by other knitters, browse their yarn choices, read individual comments and gather more information about the patterns. Of course, you are invited to add your own project – please make sure to mention Birgit Freyer as the pattern source, to connect your project with Birgit’s shop page on ravelry.
*** Your Knitting-Delight Team ***

Birgit Freyer,
English: Dany Hoffmann, Germany
Spanish: Renate Kessler, Chile
French: Agnès Argan, France
Italian: Monika Ventura, Italy

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